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Pixie - A movie review social media app

A Ux Design Case Study

The Challenge - Quite often people waste a lot of valuable time looking for something to watch over dozens of platforms and still fail to decide. Furthermore they either end up re-watching something familiar or asking their peers for recommendations or reviews. 

Pixie Hi-Fi (2).png

The Solution - An innovative social media application designed specifically for movie reviews, enabling users to effortlessly connect with their friends, obtain insightful reviews from trusted individuals, and receive tailored recommendations from those who have an intimate understanding of their preferences. 


Upon research I realized that people tend to value the opinions of their close contacts over some random review column on the internet. By incorporating a personalized touch into the app, users can make informed decisions more efficiently, harnessing the influence of personal connections to elevate their movie-watching endeavor. Along with movies, the app will allow allow users to review tv shows and books as well since they are somewhat connected and pose similar problems. 


Design team of 1 


Ux Design Case Study



FounderCeo (3).jpg
Paper Wireframes
FounderCeo (4).jpg
Digital Wireframes

Usability Study 

Research Questions

- Is there anything difficult or complicated about the user flow that discourages the end users?
- Are there any helpful features that the app is missing?
- How can the interface of the app be improved upon?


- Users need a more understandable navigation bar.

- Users need to be able to enlarge the reviews to be able to read them better. More space can also allow for more detailed reviews.

- Users need a more fragmented questionnaire that lets them choose what medium they prefer.


- More understandable navigation icons with text underneath.

- Adding filter chips before the questionnaire for easy fragmentation.

High Fidelity Designs

Pixie Hi-Fihomepage (1).png

After implementing the changes derived through the usability study, I started working on high fidelity designs.

As seen in the above image, I chose a dark theme for the app as I felt that it co-related more with the nature of my project. I further chose the orange-coral gradient as my primary colour for the design as they denote excitement, creativity and youthfulness and they beautifully contrast the black gray background. 

pixie mockups.jpg
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