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Other Projects

A compilation

I have several individual projects of my own I have made over the years. Here's a snippet of my work.

Magazine Doublespread

A magazine double spread design for a travel magazine made using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Newspaper Design

A four page newspaper that I designed from scratch for a college assignment. It was made using Indesign originally but I later switched to Illustrator as I felt more comfortable with the software and I believe it provides more creative freedom.

Album Cover Art

Who doesn't feel inspired by music? This is an album cover design that I made while I felt truly inspired by a new artist.

Frame 1 (1).jpg

Arkira Limited - Logo Design

Arkira Limited is an e-commerce platform for grocery items. I had designed a word and icon logo for it using a bright green and yellow to create a visually appealing and vibrant representation of the brand's commitment to providing fresh and healthy products. 

Tuftech Solutions - Brochure Design

This is a company brochure design I had created for Tuftech Solutions, a UK based software installation company.  

Brochure mock.jpg
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