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Glaze - Bakery Website

A Ux Design Case Study

The Challenge - Researching for and designing a seamless website experience for a bakery e-commerce website and ensuring that the website is aesthetically pleasing.

Artboard – 1.png

The Solution -

The bakery website that I have designed presents a comprehensive solution to the challenge. Through meticulous research and user testing, I have developed an intuitive user interface that enables visitors to effortlessly navigate and explore the website, find their desired products, and complete their purchases with ease. The website incorporates clear and concise categorization, intuitive filtering options, and a visually appealing menu, providing a delightful user experience.

In terms of aesthetics, the website showcases a visually captivating design that aligns with the bakery's brand identity and evokes a sense of indulgence. Carefully selected high-quality images of delicious baked goods, combined with an elegant color scheme and typography, create an enticing atmosphere. The overall visual appeal of the website not only enhances the user's desire to explore and make a purchase but also reflects the bakery's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. 


Design team of 1 


Ux Design Case Study


Adobe Xd

User Personas

UX Persona (1).png
UX Persona.png

After developing user personas  I highlighted the pain points and mapped out the following additions to the website that would help solve the problems to an extent. 

1. Using large images.

2. Adding a save order details or repeat order option so customers can order some daily/weekly requirements hassle-free.

3. Adding a 'chat with bakery' option during the checkout process so the user can convey any special needs directly to the bakery. 

4. Adding add expiration reminders that notify the users when the expiration dates are near so no product goes to waste. 

5. Adding a product's calorie count while the product is being viewed. 

FounderCeo (6).jpg
Sitemap for Glaze
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-08 at 11.46.46 PM.jpeg
Paper Wireframes

High Fidelity Designs

1. Homepage
2. Shop
3. Product View 
Web 1920 – 1.png
4. Cart
Web 1920 – 2.png
5. Shipping
Web 1920 – 3.png
6. Payment
Web 1920 – 4.png
7. Order Confirmation
Web 1920 – 5.png

How were the user pain points solved?

After careful consideration and planning, I've added the following features to the website throughout the screens in the checkout process to provide users with a ore helpful and rounder experience. 

1. Use of big images in a feature layout and the addition of a voice search option.

2. Adding a separate allergen section, four word descriptions of the product and calorie information to make it easier for the users to make decisions.

3. Providing users with the option of conveying any special needs directly to the bakery. They can even choose a product in particular they have requests for.  Below it is the option for setting up an expiration reminder for the users. This way no food goes to waste and the users can re-order any products they require before the stock empties. 

4. Allowing users to set up a time frame for delivery to avoid any last minute problems.

5. Having a re-order option so the users can directly order any daily need items without having to manually add the quantity and product specifications if any. 

Web 1920 – 1.png
Web 1920 – 2.png
Web 1920 – 3.png

The website is minimally designed with only 4 colours - blue, pink, white and black to enhance the brand's identity and keep the design cohesive. 

  High Fidelity Prototype
I am currently still working on making the website responsive but I have designed the homepage to fit three main breakout points -  laptop,  Ipad and Iphone.  
Glaze Responsive.jpg
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