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Glaze - Logo and Ad Design

A design project

Glaze has been more than a UX Project for me. It all started with the logo development for glaze for a subject called Ad Design I had for my Bachelor's degree program. 

Glaze - Logo Design Process

I had worked on the logo design for an aesthetic bakery café called Glaze as a part of my Ad Design class for my Bachelor's Degree. I started with filling out a logo brief to help me get a clear path on the design requirements. Then I created a moodboard for understanding the theme and idea for Glaze. Next I made three mind maps. Once the themes were derived from those, I sketched out some designs on paper before digitally working on them. Finally, I chose a final logo design and tweaked the colours to match my moodboard. 

Ad Campaigns for Glaze

After choosing a logo for Glaze, I worked on crafting advertisement campaigns for it. The deliverables included 3 magazine ads, 3 newspaper ads, 1 outdoor ad, 2 social media posts and an ambient ad. As is my process, I first started with a creative brief and then some sketches of how I wanted the content placement to be.  

The ads are all made with the assumption that the brand is already pre-established in Boston, USA.

Newspaper Ads - Couple's Baking Workshop

The newspaper ads are simple and aesthetically pleasing with inclusivity in mind. They are aimed at establishing Glaze's brand identity as fun, playful, youthful and inclusive. The design principles of Hierarchy, Space and Contrast are applied to the designs. 

Newspaper ad 2.png
Newspaper ad 3.png
Newspaper ad 1.png

Instagram Posts - Couple's Baking Workshop

The digital ads promote our couple's baking workshop as it mainly targets users between the ages of 16-30 years. These ads make use of neutral shades to help people associate with our baking workshop. The principles of balance, space and emphasis are used in these ads. 

Digital Ad 2-05.png
Digital ad 1-02.png

Magazine Ads - Christmas Campaign

The magazine ads highlight Glaze's new Christmas range with the use of bakery items placed in a Christmas setting. They are playful and connect the bakery with the essence of Christmas. The design principles used for these ads are emphasis, balance, variety and contrast.

Magazine Ads-01.png
Magazine Ads-03.png
Magazine Ads-02.png

Outdoor ads - Christmas Campaign

The outdoor ads are big to ensure that they are readable by drivers without having to focus for too long. They feature Glaze's Christmas range. The ads highlight the design principles of hierarchy, contrast, emphasis and movement

Billboard Ad-01.png
Billboard Ad-02.png

Ambient Ad

Ambient advertising is a marketing technique that places ads in unusual locations to catch consumers' attention. Glaze's ambient ad is kept simple but eye catching. It makes use of a subway tunnel's overhead space as an oven.

Ambient ad for Christmas
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